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by Admin on August 20, 2013

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On behalf of the PAN-PBL Network, let me invite you to participate in PBL 2014. The conference will provide opportunities for you to learn more about Problem-Based Learning and to share ideas with teachers from around the world who are using innovative learning strategies.

PBL 2014 is being held in the beautiful city of Concepcion. Nestled along the Chilean seacoast and only a two-hour drive from the foothills of the Andes, Concepcion provides a range of climates, cultures, and cuisines that will provide something for everyone to enjoy.

The theme of PBL 2014 is “From Text to Context: Achieving Deep Learning Through Educational Innovation”.

PBL 2014 is being host by the University of Bio-Bio, a regional and national leader in Problem-Based Learning applications. We look forward to seeing you in Concepcion!

Fernando Toledo M. Presidente de la Comisión Organizadora

Fernando Toledo M.
E-MAIL. ftoledo@ubiobio.cl jtoledomontiel@gmail.com

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