RNAO: Legal Issues for Nurse Educators

by Admin on November 5, 2013

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Wednesday October 30th, 2013 17:30-19:0

Key Takeaways From This Presentation:
• Potential liabilities that teachers have for students in the courts and at the College of Nurses of Ontario
• How to handle student complaints and legal actions
• How to reasonably meet student accommodation needs and when you have to do so.

Questions Answered in This Presentation:
• Who is defined as a nurse educator and their responsibilities towards students?
• Can a university be sued for the misconduct of its students?
• What type of judicial actions can students bring against nurse educators and what liability and recourse do they have?
• How are harassment and discrimination defined under the human rights code?
• When are students owed procedural fairness?
• When should students launch a judicial review and when should they launch a lawsuit?
• Can a nurse educator refuse to supervise a student?

Read the full document: RNAO Legal Issues for Nurse Educators (pdf)

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