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Currently we are looking to hire a Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant in our PASE – Psychiatric Assessment for the Elderly unit at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre.
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Date Posted: 3/4/16 4:39 PM
Expiry Date: 6/8/16
Department: PASE – Psychiatric Assessment for the Elderly
Position: Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant
Position Status: Part time
Job Number: (REPOSED)
Wage: $36.42- $46.40

To provide the clinical Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant (PRC) role which provides consultation, capacity development and network building and education, facilitates and supports an integrated system of care for clients and service providers. PRCs support those who care for seniors with complex physical, cognitive and mental health and addiction needs that have associated behaviours. The PRC provides service to staff and management in long-term care facilities, Access Centres and related health professionals in the community to enhance their psychogeriatric knowledge and skill development. The PRC collaborates with other specialists, consultants, community teams and best practice coordinators to improve the quality of life for seniors and their families. A PRC is from one of the regulated health professions (e.g. Social Work, Nursing etc.,) The PRC has knowledge and experience in best practices related to the support of seniors with mental illness and dementias. The funding for PRCs came out of the Alzheimer Strategy (2000-2004) which funded the PRC role to support the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care funded Services (including long-term care homes, community service agencies, Community Care Access Centres and their contracted service providers, and supportive housing) in their ability to respond to seniors with increasingly complex physical, cognitive and mental health needs and associated behaviours.

The PRC is responsible for maintaining the professional standards of his/her College and in meeting the criteria of the job description as per PASE policy. In addition, the PRC is responsible for adhering to the standards specific to the PASE program under the supervision of the Manager.

Read the full career posting

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