Policy/Political Action Officer

  • Provide leadership for political action activities within the Interest Group
  • Together with Chair/President, provide leadership for the Speak Out Ontario campaign including the development of a local network of members to plan & implement strategies
  • Establish relationships with key political leaders in all parties & network with other stakeholders
  • Facilitate responses to action alerts
  • Utilize policy documents & position papers to support political action activities
  • Forward advice on emerging issues to the Health & Nursing Policy Department & provide input/feedback on policy issues as requested
  • Develop a political action plan in preparation for upcoming elections
  • Attends Assembly as required (usually x1 in January & Day at Queen’s Park)
  • Acts as a liaison with the RNAO Director of Policy, Practice and Research
  • Becomes involved with lobbying and advocacy activities that affect nursing education nationally, provincially and locally
  • Reports on activities at PNEIG executive meetings
  • May represent PNEIG at RNAO Policy and Practice Committees as required