Our Role


The Function and Expectations of PNEIG

A quick overview of Function and Expectations of PNEIG in keeping with the RNAO Leadership Manual are as follows:

Function of PNEIG:
1. to maintain unity of the Association while serving the nursing education interest of members of the IG
2. to co-ordinate the Association activities at the IG level
3. to provide, where possible, provincial and/or local activities and communication on a regular basis
4. to control and administer funds provided by the Association for PNEIG programs
5. to elect delegates to attend Annual General Meetings of the Association
6. to appoint a representative to attend the Assembly
7. to consider nominations of the Executive of the Association
8. to optimize the role of the nurse through promotion of and participation in Chapters/Region with out Chapters’ activities, committees and other interest group activities

Expectations of the PNEIG:
1. to actively represent RNAO on nursing education matters
2. to serve members in nursing education through regular events, programmes and advocacy
3. to keep RNAO informed on nursing education issues that affect nursing and registered nurses
4. to communicate on a regular basis with members to provide and elicit information from them regarding nursing education issues
5. to spend member dues in a responsible manner and to provide annual financial reports locally and to Home Office
6. to lead RNAO recruitment and retention efforts at the nursing educational level

Executive Positions:
Following are position descriptions, roles and responsibilities for the various Executive positions. Term of office begins in April 2008 to March 2010. ** indicates Vacancy to date

  • President/Chair
  • President/Chair – Elect (odd years) or Past-President/Chair (even years)
  • Policy/Political Action Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • Membership, Education & Services Officer
  • Finance Officer
  • Regional Representative: North / South / East / West [currently non-voting ex-official member on the Executive]
  • Student Representative