As an interest group in the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO), PNEIG’s purpose is to provide a forum for members interested in educational matters to network and discuss issues of provincial and regional importance. This group currently has over 700 members from across Ontario. Approximately half are from the practice setting and half from nursing programs.

The Group’s objectives include integrating nurse educator groups in Ontario, regardless of the field of employment, and fostering student involvement in activities.

Mission Statement: PNEIG shares and supports the vision, mission and value statements of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO)

Vision: Provide leadership for excellence in teaching and learning for nursing in Ontario


  • To promote the professional development of nurse educators in Ontario through the provision of information about continuing education resources
  • Foster and promote interest in the role of nurse educator as a career choice
  • Promote research and scholarship in nursing education
  • Develop a community of scholars
  • Advocate for system changes to promote positive environments for learning


  • Provide a supportive network for all nurse educators in academic and clinical education in Ontario
  • Develop networking tools to promote dialogue between students and nurse educators in Ontario
  • Collaborate with other local, provincial and national organizations and groups to identify issues and to take action in matters related to nursing education
  • Provide professional development opportunities for nurse educators in Ontario
  • Advocate for and support recruitment and retention strategies to employ nurse educators in order to promote safe, high quality, evidence-based care