2-day Clinical Teaching workshop, UofT Nursing – June 2018

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Foundations and Scholarship of Clinical Teaching June 11-12, 2018
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Course Description
The general model of clinical teaching and learning most commonly utilized in baccalaureate nursing education is unique among health professional programs, whereby clinical instructors work closely with small groups of nursing students across a variety of specialty areas. This two-day workshop for clinical instructors focuses on theoretical and practical dimensions of clinical teaching from a transformational learning perspective. Key elements of transformative learning theory serve as the foundation for reflective discussion and activities. Specific topics include facets of the teacher-student relationship; facilitating clinical reasoning and group-based learning; addressing professionalism, diversity, and marginalization; and issues and responsibilities inherent in organizational partnerships between academic and clinical settings. Led by a team of experienced university-based clinical educators, participants will actively explore the challenges in guiding students toward praxis; integrating theory and practice within the context of complex clinical situations and environments. Participants will have opportunity for interaction and networking with other nurses interested in clinical teaching.

Program Objectives
The overall goal of the course is to facilitate optimal learning and successful clinical experiences for nursing students by strengthening the knowledge and skills of clinical teachers. To this end, it is expected that participants will:
1. Understand and more fully appreciate the conceptual and experiential foundations of clinical teaching;
2. Critically reflect on their relationships with students, including tensions of the teacher role;
3. Share experiences of complex student situations, including uncomfortable issues of diversity/ “difference”, and how they are resolved;
4. Discuss creative teaching strategies to stimulate clinical reasoning, self-reflection, and communication skills in clinical situations;
5. Identify current issues, challenges, and approaches in working in complex clinical contexts.
6. Develop knowledge and skills in coaching, and assessment and evaluation of nursing students.

The focus and exemplars of clinical teaching and learning in this course will be drawn from the context of undergraduate nursing education. We welcome nurses who are experienced, novice, or aspiring clinical teachers of undergraduate nursing students. In addition, advanced practice nurses and nurse educators from all health care settings with an interest in deepening their theoretical understanding of clinical nursing education and learning will benefit from participation in this foundational course.

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